Saturday, November 26, 2016

The First Time

So last week I went to yogyakarta with my friend, Putri. No one knew I went to Jogja except Putri because she with me HAHA! There was an education expo from UGM so everyone would go there have to give detail explanation about with whom, where, and blablabla it would be so complicated. And besides at first I wasn't really sure wanna go or not because someone asked me to go but he wasn't really sure too (the permission was really difficult -_-) and I didn't want my friends know that he asked me to go to Jogja, soo.... I just kept silent hehehe.
So I went there on Friday evening by my friend's car not with him cause he said that he can't go because his teacher wouldn't let him so yeah (little bit sad actually). We didn't on time, so we arrived in Jogja at 11.30 pm and straight to the hotel. The hotel is quiet nice, the bedroom also not really small. The next day, in the morning I really wanted to eat steak but the restaurant hadn't opened yet so I and Putri decided to go to the mall first to do window shopping, and at 12 we would go to the restaurant. At 11, I received message from him and he asked me where I am, and he told me that HE WAS IN JOGJA AT THAT TIME. OMG. Indeed I was really surprised, shocked and happy hahaha.
At first he didn't asked me to go out (pfft) so I and Putri went to the steak restaurant while he was in expo UGM, well he didn't ask me thou hmm. so I and Putri went at the restaurant after that we went to cafe, cause we didn't know the cafe was far enough so it took more than half hour to get there. And while I was on the way, he chatted me and asked where I was, and I told him  I was on the way to cafe and he sent me pict, and I asked him where he was and he said that he was in the mall that I told him HAHAHAHA poor him hehe.
So after long conversation, he told me that he wanted to meet me (yeay! highfive!). When I arrived, the cafe was so full, I've tried to do anything so I could get in even I've tried to flirt with "mas-mas" there and it didn't work (argh) because the cafe had already booked for some event, it was really suck. So we go to the restaurant below the cafe and bought some deserts and took lots of pics ofc cause the interior was so gorgeous.

See?? soooo adorable right?
when I took a pict, I felt so nervous coz I was scared that he would show up and saw me taking pict hehe I dunno but I just felt emberassed. So I checked my phone and he told me he'd arrived and he still didn't see me -_- , and finally he saw (pft). Well I think my first impression gone wrong cause I said "hello" with my freaking voice. Damn it guys I realized it after I said it and shamed on myself.
I really dunno what to do so I just smile all the time ( I dunno why I was so freak, maybe scary). Btw he came with his friend, and his friend used to like me so it made the situation became more awkward.
HE HAD JUST ARRIVED and Putri wanted to go to the mall again to watch movie (poor him), actually I wanted it too, but I just didn't feel good telling him hahaha. So we went to the mall to watch movie. Before we left the cafe, he asked me to take pict of him and his friend but end up with taking pict with me HAHAHAHA. But he delete it coz the pict isn't good -__- (so mean). We watched Fantastic Beast and I'd just realized that he had just watched that movie the night before and I told him to change the movie and he said it was okay cause I hadn't watched it yet so he would accompanied me, so okaay haha. Btw we didn't watch just two of us, we had our friends so we watch it with two people watching on us too (not really typical date pft). We weren't talking while the movie was playing, really focus, only me and Putri actually coz they had already watched it hehe. After watching movie he told me that he wanted to meet his bro/sis' gf or boyfie so we seperated after watching.
I was really happy at that time. Hope there will be another watch movie together hehehe

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Angels

When you have bestfriend, you own the world!!
This is just another part of my happiness. But I'm so blessing cause God send these people to cheer me up during my tough day! love you guys.
Btw, there is no birthday boy in these picts cause he was sick, so he went earlier than us haha

We are so hyperactive hmm

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Little bit unlucky

So today I accompanied my friend, Bocil, to met with her bae. As usual, when my friends have a date with their bf, I became "nyamuk" . I don't mind actually, I would happy to do that, I dunno why haha.

This is the first time Bocil met with her bae (caca), because they've just known each other for a month, I think. At first, Bocil had promise me this weekend to hang out together, just two of us, and I asked her to watch movie but she didn't want to -_-. But 2 days later, she told me that her bae asked her to go to cinema (it's okay, i'm fine) and she said YES(wtf man -.-) so I told her I wanted to join them haha and they said it was okay. So . . . . . Their first date accompanied by ME bahahahah (sorry for ruined your first date guys, but I really wanna watch some movies hehe) and I also promise not to disturb them, I would sit peacefully (reality : not at all) hehehe.
They met in CL but we wanted to watch movie at E-Plaza, CL and E-P is very close so we just need to walk about less than 5 minutes. This is what hapen during 5 minutes, I felt sooooo sad huhuhu (I'm kidding hehe)

After we arrived, we decided to watch Inferno, at first, I had no idea what film is this, but because this was their date and I just their "tail" so I followed them. Then we went upstair to the waiting room, but Caca told Bocil that he needed to go just for a moment, so he left and it just me and Bocil. SUDDENLY, I SAW MY TEACHER IN THE WAITING ROOM. LUCKLY, CACA HAS GONE WHEN SHE ARRIVED HAHAHA! Cause we are good students, we chatted with her for a moment and asked permission to went back to CL cause there's no electric socket. Btw, Bocil also has told Caca if we met our teacher haha so we made plan B.
Plan B : Bocil gave one ticket to Caca so he got inside seperately from us and little bit late, besides it will dark inside if the movie has started and nobody would see us.
AND IT WORKED!! *highfive*

We watched that movie so noisy, Bocil and I barely couldn't stop laughing even the scenes were not funny at all -_- even though some scene was scaring but we were still laughing (crazy girls) and someone was shhhhttt-ing on us HAHAHAHHA after that we kept our mouth shut. Sometimes I also "kepo" with them so I pretended to fix my clothes and glance to them once or twice and they did some romantic things I think hahahah and it was cute.

The movie was over, and we looked around to make sure, we aren't in the same studio. Then we saw HER, ofc we got panic. We waited until the studio empty so we won't meet her outside. For Bocil and me, it worked alhamdulillah because we went to toilet to hide haha but for Caca, NO. He met our teacher downstair, and being asked some questions, poor boy, hahaha.

Now, Just wait until monday and hope we won't get call by the teacher hahaha

Happy weekend everybodyyy ^^....

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Red Is Just So Sexy

So, in the last week of september,  I was doing my photoshoot for my yearbook! yeay! I was really happy cause the crew put me in group of stylish wear women.
Every team has different theme, and my theme is about fashion. My team chose red for our photoshoot.


I really in love with my dress, its colour is just so sexy and unique combination between skirt and jumpsuit.
Btw, this is my bocil that I told you before, and the one that took my picts hahaha

Actually I wanted to bring my purge, Hermes, but ....... I FORGOT huhuhuuhu


oh yeah, I have no photos during the photoshoot because the "mas-mas" can't give me my photo until my yearbook is finished. Can't wait for Graduation Day!! xoxo

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Beloved Old Friend

Having bestfriends are a gift, no matter they are boys or girls. But if you are girl that has boy friend (or on the other hand), the closest one, you are very lucky. I suggest keeping it, don't ruin it or you'll regret forever.

source from

Rainy day after school. I had to go to administration to ask for my rapor for university enrolment and after that I had to go to canteen to buy something. I, Bocil, and Angel were always laughing, the cetar laugh I mean. While we were walking, I saw someone, very familiar (bad eyes problem guys),  guess whoooo????
 I saw my kiting-kiting. OMG!! Suddenly, I MISS HIM SO MUCH. I don't miss him just because I cannot move on from him, I miss him because we've never talked for 5 months. We used to be bestfriend, a best one maybe. Can you imagine? meet your ex (not boyfie ofc, bae hehe) in rainy day, such a romantic story hahahhaa, no I'm kidding. This moment makes me galau guys, really. I miss talked to him, hug and hang out. I've talked to you right about my Manis Manja squad? yupp, he is one of them. 
Besides, I was just pretending look outside the canteen, but actually, I saw his hair, I love his hair very much hehehe. When I was at the canteen, he was eating noodle, enjoying his noodle, whatever lah ya. All I was thinking is, why? why is everything has to change like this, right? sometimes I regret what I have done with him, but regret won't change everything now. I really want to talk to him, but I have no brave to do that, such an idiot I am.
From this post actually I just want share what I'm feeling hehehe. If you have some advice or something that make me or my situation better, just give command below, I would love to hear it from you guys!! :)) 

Friday, September 9, 2016

High School Squad

This is my senior year, it means this is my last year. (yeaayyy, finally I'll graduated soon from Azkaban๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜‹) But sometimes I feel so sad cause distance will separate me and my bestfriends, my whole squad hehe. Elderly said that high school is the best year in our life. I agree with them now even at first, I totally disagree with them, because I felt like my school is like a prison and furthermore, we can't keep in touch with boys!!! What a nightmare?? But my mindset has changed cause I think I don't need any boys right now cause I've already had my girlfriends by my side.
Well, I have squad ... my beloved squad, named "JM" consist of 10 people who cannot keep our mouth shut, so noisy guys, I swear, but they are the best!! They also like eating, that's why we have chemistry each other, cause all of us like eating. 
I love all of them, and I keep praying for them for our last year in high school. Amiin. See you on top my bitches!

Saturday, August 27, 2016


I have many friends and bestfriends, one of my bestfriends turn out to be my special one. I have squad named "Manis Manja" and consist of 4 people, 2 girls and 2 boys. one of them told me first that he liked me. Ofc I'm so surprised cause I never think this gonna happen and when he said it, I don't have any feeling on him except love as bestfriend. I said to him that let it flow, cause when he said it, I've just broken up with my ex-boyfriend. He also said that no need to be in hurry, I can take my time to think. Well, after a month I think, I said to him that I liked him, too. Time flies so fast, and we haven't any relationship like dating, cause I don't want to. Sometimes he also asked me, what exactly our relationship is, and I've never changed my answer, FRIEND. Maybe my answer made him upset or hurting him, but I really don't want to have any relationship with boys again that time, I'm scared of being hurt again and again. 
Four months passed by, we fight more often, he changed, I changed. I felt that he changed, act strange, not like person I love before. He never notice me again, not care of me, ignored me abviously. He pissed me off and we fought that day, I lost my control, so does he. At first, I thought he was acting like this cause he wanted I was to being his girlfriend, my guess is totally wrong, finally he confessed that he didn't love me anymore, he said it was too late for me to wanna be his girlfriend. His words broke my heart, indeed. I really love him as bestfriend, soulmate, partner-in-crime, but now I lost him. I had to face the truth even it killed me inside. I was crying for a week when I heard song that we used to listen together. 
When we finished our "HTS" , we promised to keep in touch each other and . . . . . . . . . . . no one talking after that. Even though, sometimes he chatted me (I never chatted him first, cause I am a girl hehe) and cause I'm still angry with him, obviously. Who won't pissed off if someone you love decide to broke you up? even I and him don't date. Some people including my mom, said that it was my fault cause everyone needs "kepastian". Nevertheless, I don't believe them. Maybe they were right, even for me it didn't make any senses that time. I thought "Why you have to be in relationship when you can just make commitment with him/her? It'll useless too if you're in relationship but one of you can't be loyal to his/her partner and end up with cheating, so what's the point of relationship?".
These few days, I miss them. I miss hang out with my squad, I miss him, too, as friend ofc, I have no feeling on him now. Sometimes I feel guilty to myself and my other 2 friends, cause they don't involve in my problem but they also get the effects. It feels awkward now when we meet each other even though we were very closed, even sometimes we slept over at his house. But now, everything has changed completely, sad fact that I have face it. The saddest thing that I found out several weeks ago, he left the group chat, It was really pissing me off. I told my girl what he did, and she also mad at him but we just pretend like "that's okay", "maybe now he has new squad and got bored with us". I don't know what he was thinking but it made me sad. 
Now, all I can do just look at photos. Like people said "Pictures don't change, even people in those pictures have changed" and "People change but memories don't".

I love them so much!xoxo

Friday, August 12, 2016

My First DBL

Omg guys, it has been so long since my last post hehe ... sorry okey, I'm little busy this week. so many quiz and homework.
My school join DBL!! I don't even know it actually if not my friends told me. So today, before the lunchtime, my teacher was in hurry and told that after school we can watch the match, my friends were screaming and laughing and running, lucky them didn't fall at the stair hehe. At first, I didn't really excited because I don't understand basketball. 

So when we already had had lunch, there was an announcement sounds like this "so all classes will end up at 7th hours and must ready at 2.40 ". This thing is really rare in my school. Seriously guys, this is the first time since I've been here for last 3 years. So I was so happy because we'll go dorm early muehehehe. Since girls are so sluggish for this thing such as changing clothes, make up (no need actually because the stadium is extremely hotttttt!) , and kind of like that. Before we set up to the stadium, my two boy friends gave some instructions and rules. So we went there by angkot ( it is public transportation like taxi but for many people, and can be booked) because all of the students and even the teachers also watched the match. So happy cause get out from Azkaban hahahahaha, kidding. 

So it took an hour to arrive there and we have to queuing up to enter the stadium. Because my school has strict rules for boys and girls so we sit seperately hahaha the left side is for girls, the middle is for boys and the right side is for girls again (because girls are always right hahaah kidding). 

Since it was my first time watching DBL, so I was so excited maybe and screaming all the time. All I could do just screaming guys wkwkw I was so excited .......... because supporter also become part of the contest, so we have to sing the "yel-yel" ( I dunno the english sorry) , and to move together. So amazing I think, I feel we are so close together even we haven't talk each other #youknowitisliar .  

At first round we were lost 5 - 10, so horrible isn't it? and the second round we lost again with score 17- 23 if I'm not mistaken. And one of my friend ask us to pray "ayat kursi and al-Fatihah". I said it over and over again, and the third round we had same score 28-28, OH MY GOD IT WAS SO UPTIGHT. I didn't stop pray all the time, ask God to give his glory to my school. I never stop pray. And here is it.......... same score againnnnnnnnnnn 33-33. OMG GUYSSS, I was crying when I prayed, it was my first time crying because of my school, school that I often insult because of its weird and nonsense rules, but this timeee, I was crying because my school have to win the game, and I don't want my team loss the match! IT'S A BIG NOOOOOOOOOOO...... 

And the arbiter add 5 minutes to find out who will become a winner......
THIS WAS 5 MINUTES DEADLY FOR BOTH SUPPORTER AND PLAYER ahahahahahahahah also first time for me 5 minutes took so looooooong, I think every second become very meaningful for them. And for the last 2 or 1 minutes, my team scored 2 points for penalty I think. So we was screaming loudly and want to fly from our seat to the arena wkwk. and after that the match become more upthight than before and thankyou for our player who win the game due to your three-point-shoot and make us win with 39 - 35 . So proud of you, whoever you are! and Thankyou for saving our school from nightmareeeeee....... and off course for my beloved God who grant my prayer and others.

Today, I've learnt about how great our creator is, even for first and second round we lost it, you show us how your greatness and miracle can work even for the last minutes. I feel so happy cause this match teaches us about being patience, keep spirit, and good friendship. Friendship that teaches me what they real meaning are and the last, the power of pray, it helps a lot! I'm feeling lucky today, once more, Thankyou Allah and Alhamdulillah what you have shown me today๐Ÿ˜‡.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Turkish - Indonesia

source from google image
For Indonesiaan, you must have heard about this news, about Turkish government release something in their website that offend many schools that have relationship or cooperate with turkish organization. My school is one of the school that mention in their website. Actually I don't really care because my duties as student just studying and getting knowledge from my teacher but this news very disturbing my school situation even my friends have been talking about it. To be honest, I don't love my school very much, but when people say someting bad about it and it is not true, I am upset off course. What did you feel when other country try to close your school? and they didn't even say the truth. I don't defend my school or somebody, I am neutral. I am as student don't have business with their political or anything, my duty here just study and arrange my future as best as possible. Please, I just want to study to pay my parents so they not dissapointed and please don't talk anything about this if you even didn't know the truth. even I as student, I don't have any encourage to talk about this because I think people will defend who they are support for.
FYI, my school never taught me anything about violance or how to make a bomb. I am not a terrorist and so do my friends.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I am studying at boarding school so.................... it makes me seperated so far away from my parents. It has been 2 weeks since I left my home after ramadhan and eid. I don't know why but this time feel so different. I'm in senior year now and it lasts for 10 months, can't wait to see my parents and siblings on my graduation day. buttt it still sooooooo longgg.


source from google image

I am not myself without them. I am fractious girl that exist in this world. Even myself hate it. hehehehhe. Homesick feels so not good. You feel so hopeless, nothing you can do when you get this feeling. You won't concentrate studying, badmood mode on, so sensitive, emosional, all you wanna do just call your parents and crying cause hear their voice. Because I'm so closed with my parents so when they don't call me or give attention to me, it makes me so saaaaadddddddddd!!! My mom totally understand when I started crying because I asked her when she would visit me. But my dad, huft, so different, he doesn't like when I started crying. IF I DID,  HE WOULD SAY THAT I CHOSE TO STUDY AT BOARDING SCHOOL BY MYSELF, so annoying right? I know๐Ÿ˜’ . I'm not the only one who get homesickness, my friends also, but not all. But if you asked them when I will get homesick? Maybe they will answer everytime I have called with my parents especially my mom. #lol Maybe you guys think I'm so spoiled but I don't think so. I did this because I'm seperated miles away from my parents, my home, my hometown, my everything.  You will know this feel when you have to go to university (in case you leave your hometown, ok?) .

Dorm life is not as good as you think, well I know most people think it so BIG NO when they had boarding school on their head, but not me. At first, I thought it was so awesome because you can meet you friends 24/7. All I was thinking about playing, hanging out, chatting, all about having fun. I wasn't thinking about how the activity after school or how if I got sick or you don't like food in the kitchen or when you get problem with your roommates. I didn't think about that at all that time. On the other hand, it was totally different from my expectation ๐Ÿ˜”. Well don't blame on me. I thought like that because based on novel I have read. #stupidgirl hehehe so not smart I know. But I don't mind with that now, all the matter is I WANNA GO HOME, meet my umi and abi, eat my umi's foods, play with my siblings, and hug them all. I call my parents, Umi and Abi, it is arabic #fyi #justincaseyoudunno. Please keep your pray on me guys๐Ÿ˜‡. Please pray on me so I can pass my UAN with good score, accepted in university that I dream about and always keep healthy. Thankyou so much guys.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


You know guys? Today I have math, physics, chemistry and biology subjects. 

source from google images

Aren't they so wonderful?  #nowonderwhypeoplekilledthemshelves #noimkidding hehehhehhehhe


  Actually it isn't so bad, I can survive, tho. I am neither type of teeneger who dislike study very much nor like it very much. okay?? I'm in the middle, average people lah. Well, I'm in senior high school now and will graduate soon, InsyaAllah. This year will be more frustating I think, because this-last-two-semesters I will find university on my own and practice test and National Examination (UAN). I even can't imagine what will happen to me soon. ๐Ÿ˜ซ ๐Ÿ˜ฑ 
 Well back to the topic hehe. actually guys, I really love calculation than theory ugghh... Like seriously guys, Who wants to spend their time remind all-of-those-things? Me? Thanks, I'd better work out with all those numbers than remind all of those words. So if you guess I like Math and Physics you are right, totally right AND I DO HATE BIOLOGY because there aren't any numbers there๐Ÿ˜ญ ๐Ÿ˜ญ ๐Ÿ˜ญ . Chemistry? I like it when there is calculation on its chapter hehehe so fifty:fifty then  So lucky you are if you can memorize all of those words in your mind. I wish I could do that so I don't need to stay awake for night to remind all-of-those-words and maybe forget about them in the morning and get panic when teacher give out the paper ........ It happens all the time to me #poorme #luckyyou

But you won't have long-tired-day if you have bestfriends who always support you and made your terrible day become soooooooooooooo hilarious like my girls have done everyday #itisnthilariousactually #allofusaresocrispy


Soooo....... where I have to start it...

well guys, I am new here and don't know where to start it. Now I'm trying to be blogger, anonymous actually hehe and I know my blogger's name sounds so cheesy, but I dont know what to name it. Any suggested? ๐Ÿ˜

So because I am new here, I need so much advice from all of you guys! Thankyou. ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿ˜†