I am studying at boarding school so.................... it makes me seperated so far away from my parents. It has been 2 weeks since I left my home after ramadhan and eid. I don't know why but this time feel so different. I'm in senior year now and it lasts for 10 months, can't wait to see my parents and siblings on my graduation day. buttt it still sooooooo longgg.


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I am not myself without them. I am fractious girl that exist in this world. Even myself hate it. hehehehhe. Homesick feels so not good. You feel so hopeless, nothing you can do when you get this feeling. You won't concentrate studying, badmood mode on, so sensitive, emosional, all you wanna do just call your parents and crying cause hear their voice. Because I'm so closed with my parents so when they don't call me or give attention to me, it makes me so saaaaadddddddddd!!! My mom totally understand when I started crying because I asked her when she would visit me. But my dad, huft, so different, he doesn't like when I started crying. IF I DID,  HE WOULD SAY THAT I CHOSE TO STUDY AT BOARDING SCHOOL BY MYSELF, so annoying right? I know😒 . I'm not the only one who get homesickness, my friends also, but not all. But if you asked them when I will get homesick? Maybe they will answer everytime I have called with my parents especially my mom. #lol Maybe you guys think I'm so spoiled but I don't think so. I did this because I'm seperated miles away from my parents, my home, my hometown, my everything.  You will know this feel when you have to go to university (in case you leave your hometown, ok?) .

Dorm life is not as good as you think, well I know most people think it so BIG NO when they had boarding school on their head, but not me. At first, I thought it was so awesome because you can meet you friends 24/7. All I was thinking about playing, hanging out, chatting, all about having fun. I wasn't thinking about how the activity after school or how if I got sick or you don't like food in the kitchen or when you get problem with your roommates. I didn't think about that at all that time. On the other hand, it was totally different from my expectation 😔. Well don't blame on me. I thought like that because based on novel I have read. #stupidgirl hehehe so not smart I know. But I don't mind with that now, all the matter is I WANNA GO HOME, meet my umi and abi, eat my umi's foods, play with my siblings, and hug them all. I call my parents, Umi and Abi, it is arabic #fyi #justincaseyoudunno. Please keep your pray on me guys😇. Please pray on me so I can pass my UAN with good score, accepted in university that I dream about and always keep healthy. Thankyou so much guys.


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