Beloved Old Friend

Having bestfriends are a gift, no matter they are boys or girls. But if you are girl that has boy friend (or on the other hand), the closest one, you are very lucky. I suggest keeping it, don't ruin it or you'll regret forever.

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Rainy day after school. I had to go to administration to ask for my rapor for university enrolment and after that I had to go to canteen to buy something. I, Bocil, and Angel were always laughing, the cetar laugh I mean. While we were walking, I saw someone, very familiar (bad eyes problem guys),  guess whoooo????
 I saw my kiting-kiting. OMG!! Suddenly, I MISS HIM SO MUCH. I don't miss him just because I cannot move on from him, I miss him because we've never talked for 5 months. We used to be bestfriend, a best one maybe. Can you imagine? meet your ex (not boyfie ofc, bae hehe) in rainy day, such a romantic story hahahhaa, no I'm kidding. This moment makes me galau guys, really. I miss talked to him, hug and hang out. I've talked to you right about my Manis Manja squad? yupp, he is one of them. 
Besides, I was just pretending look outside the canteen, but actually, I saw his hair, I love his hair very much hehehe. When I was at the canteen, he was eating noodle, enjoying his noodle, whatever lah ya. All I was thinking is, why? why is everything has to change like this, right? sometimes I regret what I have done with him, but regret won't change everything now. I really want to talk to him, but I have no brave to do that, such an idiot I am.
From this post actually I just want share what I'm feeling hehehe. If you have some advice or something that make me or my situation better, just give command below, I would love to hear it from you guys!! :)) 


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