Thursday, March 9, 2017


So I haven't told you yet about my sweet 17th birthday party. Actually it's not really "party", it was just my close friends.

I chose disney for the dress code and all blue for the decoration #yeaayy.... My friends came with cutey outfit, jasmine, belle, snow white, aurora, cinderella, merida, etc. Oh ya, for boys, cause I really confused what they had to wear, so I told them just to wear while-long-shirt hahaha because that night I became Queen Elsa so they were my olafs hahahah #meangirl

You guys are sooo sweet. #terharu

THEY GAVE ME PANDA. #iatetheirheadsafterthispict

And the best part of that night is .......

#blurrymoment #failed 

Alhamdulillah we have the perfect picture finally hahahaha. AND FINALLY HE LITTLE BIT SMILEEEEEE......  cant you see my big smile? I was so happyyyy. #hewassmilinginside #sobigsmile #trytobecool 

And big thankyou for those people who pretend don't know anything

Another blurry moment pft.

I just wanna say thankyou so much for everything guys. You guys are love 

           Fariz gave me burger and there was a seventeen on it #solawak but thankyou <3

Most of the picts are blur pfft. So sad.

I Love You Guys! Best Night Ever!!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

It has been 3 days

soo guys, I know I haven't posted for a while because I'm so busy lately, and I know I really need your advice especially if you are a boy or man.
Do you guys remember that boy I've told you? the boy that I met in Yogya? yupp, now he is my boyfriend. We are dating about a month.

 soooo straight to thee problemmmmm....

he's mad at me noooowww, and it has been 3 days he didn't chat me. Even I have apologized to him and hee justtt red my messageeees.... OMG WHY BOYS NOWADAYS ACT LIKE A GIRL???!!!!! #nooffense . It started when he said he missed me and call me, but when he called me, he wanted to speak with my friends, so I gave my phone to my friends, and the talked about half-hour. When on the phone, he liked to flirt with my friends, actually I don't mind at all because I know it was all jokes and besides those girls are my best buddies, so it's okay for me. After that, the phone return to me and we talk about 8 MINUTES. 8 MINUTES AND BOOOOMMMMM.... He mad.....
I said "aku mau sayang- sayangan juga sama yang lain" I even didn't said with whom.......... and he said "hoo okey, I'll end the phone and you can sayang-sayangan, so enjoy it" and the call was ended. Do you know guys? I mean "yang lain" is my LAPTOP, MY BELOVED LAPTOP.

I think 10 minutes the phone ended, I called him back, the first call he didn't answer and the second yeay he answered it. At first, I don't know if he was angry to me until he said HE WANTED TO GO TO SLEEP......... wtf? It was 9 and you wanna go to sleep? even my pandas laugh at me. I was shocked and told him I'm the one supposed mad at him, not the opposite, and he answer nothing and he said again he wanted to sleep. okeeeeyyyyy okeeeyyyyy.....

Tragic 8 minutes story.

OMG HONEY, YOU'VE BEEN TALKED WITH OTHER GIRLS FOR HALF-HOUR AND FLIRTED WITH THEM ALSO AND KNOW YOU ARE MAD AT ME...... I'm the one supposed to mad at youuuuuuuuuuuu, not the opposite huaaaaa.

and since that night, he didn't chat me or call me or whaaaaaaat. ppfft. I've tried to chat him this afternoon but he just red it. and I dunno what to do after that. so I just wait until he chat me back maybe this night, tomorrow, or ..........