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Little bit unlucky

So today I accompanied my friend, Bocil, to met with her bae. As usual, when my friends have a date with their bf, I became "nyamuk" . I don't mind actually, I would happy to do that, I dunno why haha.

This is the first time Bocil met with her bae (caca), because they've just known each other for a month, I think. At first, Bocil had promise me this weekend to hang out together, just two of us, and I asked her to watch movie but she didn't want to -_-. But 2 days later, she told me that her bae asked her to go to cinema (it's okay, i'm fine) and she said YES(wtf man -.-) so I told her I wanted to join them haha and they said it was okay. So . . . . . Their first date accompanied by ME bahahahah (sorry for ruined your first date guys, but I really wanna watch some movies hehe) and I also promise not to disturb them, I would sit peacefully (reality : not at all) hehehe.
They met in CL but we wanted to watch movie at E-Plaza, CL and E-P is very close so we …

Red Is Just So Sexy

So, in the last week of september,  I was doing my photoshoot for my yearbook! yeay! I was really happy cause the crew put me in group of stylish wear women.
Every team has different theme, and my theme is about fashion. My team chose red for our photoshoot.


I really in love with my dress, its colour is just so sexy and unique combination between skirt and jumpsuit.
Btw, this is my bocil that I told you before, and the one that took my picts hahaha

Actually I wanted to bring my purge, Hermes, but ....... I FORGOT huhuhuuhu


oh yeah, I have no photos during the photoshoot because the "mas-mas" can't give me my photo until my yearbook is finished. Can't wait for Graduation Day!! xoxo

Beloved Old Friend

Having bestfriends are a gift, no matter they are boys or girls. But if you are girl that has boy friend (or on the other hand), the closest one, you are very lucky. I suggest keeping it, don't ruin it or you'll regret forever.

Rainy day after school. I had to go to administration to ask for my rapor for university enrolment and after that I had to go to canteen to buy something. I, Bocil, and Angel were always laughing, the cetar laugh I mean. While we were walking, I saw someone, very familiar (bad eyes problem guys),  guess whoooo????  I saw my kiting-kiting. OMG!! Suddenly, I MISS HIM SO MUCH. I don't miss him just because I cannot move on from him, I miss him because we've never talked for 5 months. We used to be bestfriend, a best one maybe. Can you imagine? meet your ex (not boyfie ofc, bae hehe) in rainy day, such a romantic story hahahhaa, no I'm kidding. This moment makes me galau guys, really. I miss talked to him, hug and hang out. I've talked to you …