Little bit unlucky

So today I accompanied my friend, Bocil, to met with her bae. As usual, when my friends have a date with their bf, I became "nyamuk" . I don't mind actually, I would happy to do that, I dunno why haha.

This is the first time Bocil met with her bae (caca), because they've just known each other for a month, I think. At first, Bocil had promise me this weekend to hang out together, just two of us, and I asked her to watch movie but she didn't want to -_-. But 2 days later, she told me that her bae asked her to go to cinema (it's okay, i'm fine) and she said YES(wtf man -.-) so I told her I wanted to join them haha and they said it was okay. So . . . . . Their first date accompanied by ME bahahahah (sorry for ruined your first date guys, but I really wanna watch some movies hehe) and I also promise not to disturb them, I would sit peacefully (reality : not at all) hehehe.
They met in CL but we wanted to watch movie at E-Plaza, CL and E-P is very close so we just need to walk about less than 5 minutes. This is what hapen during 5 minutes, I felt sooooo sad huhuhu (I'm kidding hehe)

After we arrived, we decided to watch Inferno, at first, I had no idea what film is this, but because this was their date and I just their "tail" so I followed them. Then we went upstair to the waiting room, but Caca told Bocil that he needed to go just for a moment, so he left and it just me and Bocil. SUDDENLY, I SAW MY TEACHER IN THE WAITING ROOM. LUCKLY, CACA HAS GONE WHEN SHE ARRIVED HAHAHA! Cause we are good students, we chatted with her for a moment and asked permission to went back to CL cause there's no electric socket. Btw, Bocil also has told Caca if we met our teacher haha so we made plan B.
Plan B : Bocil gave one ticket to Caca so he got inside seperately from us and little bit late, besides it will dark inside if the movie has started and nobody would see us.
AND IT WORKED!! *highfive*

We watched that movie so noisy, Bocil and I barely couldn't stop laughing even the scenes were not funny at all -_- even though some scene was scaring but we were still laughing (crazy girls) and someone was shhhhttt-ing on us HAHAHAHHA after that we kept our mouth shut. Sometimes I also "kepo" with them so I pretended to fix my clothes and glance to them once or twice and they did some romantic things I think hahahah and it was cute.

The movie was over, and we looked around to make sure, we aren't in the same studio. Then we saw HER, ofc we got panic. We waited until the studio empty so we won't meet her outside. For Bocil and me, it worked alhamdulillah because we went to toilet to hide haha but for Caca, NO. He met our teacher downstair, and being asked some questions, poor boy, hahaha.

Now, Just wait until monday and hope we won't get call by the teacher hahaha

Happy weekend everybodyyy ^^....


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