High School Squad

This is my senior year, it means this is my last year. (yeaayyy, finally I'll graduated soon from Azkaban😁 😋) But sometimes I feel so sad cause distance will separate me and my bestfriends, my whole squad hehe. Elderly said that high school is the best year in our life. I agree with them now even at first, I totally disagree with them, because I felt like my school is like a prison and furthermore, we can't keep in touch with boys!!! What a nightmare?? But my mindset has changed cause I think I don't need any boys right now cause I've already had my girlfriends by my side.
Well, I have squad ... my beloved squad, named "JM" consist of 10 people who cannot keep our mouth shut, so noisy guys, I swear, but they are the best!! They also like eating, that's why we have chemistry each other, cause all of us like eating. 
I love all of them, and I keep praying for them for our last year in high school. Amiin. See you on top my bitches!


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