Turkish - Indonesia

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For Indonesiaan, you must have heard about this news, about Turkish government release something in their website that offend many schools that have relationship or cooperate with turkish organization. My school is one of the school that mention in their website. Actually I don't really care because my duties as student just studying and getting knowledge from my teacher but this news very disturbing my school situation even my friends have been talking about it. To be honest, I don't love my school very much, but when people say someting bad about it and it is not true, I am upset off course. What did you feel when other country try to close your school? and they didn't even say the truth. I don't defend my school or somebody, I am neutral. I am as student don't have business with their political or anything, my duty here just study and arrange my future as best as possible. Please, I just want to study to pay my parents so they not dissapointed and please don't talk anything about this if you even didn't know the truth. even I as student, I don't have any encourage to talk about this because I think people will defend who they are support for.
FYI, my school never taught me anything about violance or how to make a bomb. I am not a terrorist and so do my friends.


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