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I have many friends and bestfriends, one of my bestfriends turn out to be my special one. I have squad named "Manis Manja" and consist of 4 people, 2 girls and 2 boys. one of them told me first that he liked me. Ofc I'm so surprised cause I never think this gonna happen and when he said it, I don't have any feeling on him except love as bestfriend. I said to him that let it flow, cause when he said it, I've just broken up with my ex-boyfriend. He also said that no need to be in hurry, I can take my time to think. Well, after a month I think, I said to him that I liked him, too. Time flies so fast, and we haven't any relationship like dating, cause I don't want to. Sometimes he also asked me, what exactly our relationship is, and I've never changed my answer, FRIEND. Maybe my answer made him upset or hurting him, but I really don't want to have any relationship with boys again that time, I'm scared of being hurt again and again. 
Four months pas…

My First DBL

Omg guys, it has been so long since my last post hehe ... sorry okey, I'm little busy this week. so many quiz and homework.
My school join DBL!! I don't even know it actually if not my friends told me. So today, before the lunchtime, my teacher was in hurry and told that after school we can watch the match, my friends were screaming and laughing and running, lucky them didn't fall at the stair hehe. At first, I didn't really excited because I don't understand basketball. 
So when we already had had lunch, there was an announcement sounds like this "so all classes will end up at 7th hours and must ready at 2.40 ". This thing is really rare in my school. Seriously guys, this is the first time since I've been here for last 3 years. So I was so happy because we'll go dorm early muehehehe. Since girls are so sluggish for this thing such as changing clothes, make up (no need actually because the stadium is extremely hotttttt!) , and kind of like that. Bef…