The First Time

So last week I went to yogyakarta with my friend, Putri. No one knew I went to Jogja except Putri because she with me HAHA! There was an education expo from UGM so everyone would go there have to give detail explanation about with whom, where, and blablabla it would be so complicated. And besides at first I wasn't really sure wanna go or not because someone asked me to go but he wasn't really sure too (the permission was really difficult -_-) and I didn't want my friends know that he asked me to go to Jogja, soo.... I just kept silent hehehe.
So I went there on Friday evening by my friend's car not with him cause he said that he can't go because his teacher wouldn't let him so yeah (little bit sad actually). We didn't on time, so we arrived in Jogja at 11.30 pm and straight to the hotel. The hotel is quiet nice, the bedroom also not really small. The next day, in the morning I really wanted to eat steak but the restaurant hadn't opened yet so I and Putri decided to go to the mall first to do window shopping, and at 12 we would go to the restaurant. At 11, I received message from him and he asked me where I am, and he told me that HE WAS IN JOGJA AT THAT TIME. OMG. Indeed I was really surprised, shocked and happy hahaha.
At first he didn't asked me to go out (pfft) so I and Putri went to the steak restaurant while he was in expo UGM, well he didn't ask me thou hmm. so I and Putri went at the restaurant after that we went to cafe, cause we didn't know the cafe was far enough so it took more than half hour to get there. And while I was on the way, he chatted me and asked where I was, and I told him  I was on the way to cafe and he sent me pict, and I asked him where he was and he said that he was in the mall that I told him HAHAHAHA poor him hehe.
So after long conversation, he told me that he wanted to meet me (yeay! highfive!). When I arrived, the cafe was so full, I've tried to do anything so I could get in even I've tried to flirt with "mas-mas" there and it didn't work (argh) because the cafe had already booked for some event, it was really suck. So we go to the restaurant below the cafe and bought some deserts and took lots of pics ofc cause the interior was so gorgeous.

See?? soooo adorable right?
when I took a pict, I felt so nervous coz I was scared that he would show up and saw me taking pict hehe I dunno but I just felt emberassed. So I checked my phone and he told me he'd arrived and he still didn't see me -_- , and finally he saw (pft). Well I think my first impression gone wrong cause I said "hello" with my freaking voice. Damn it guys I realized it after I said it and shamed on myself.
I really dunno what to do so I just smile all the time ( I dunno why I was so freak, maybe scary). Btw he came with his friend, and his friend used to like me so it made the situation became more awkward.
HE HAD JUST ARRIVED and Putri wanted to go to the mall again to watch movie (poor him), actually I wanted it too, but I just didn't feel good telling him hahaha. So we went to the mall to watch movie. Before we left the cafe, he asked me to take pict of him and his friend but end up with taking pict with me HAHAHAHA. But he delete it coz the pict isn't good -__- (so mean). We watched Fantastic Beast and I'd just realized that he had just watched that movie the night before and I told him to change the movie and he said it was okay cause I hadn't watched it yet so he would accompanied me, so okaay haha. Btw we didn't watch just two of us, we had our friends so we watch it with two people watching on us too (not really typical date pft). We weren't talking while the movie was playing, really focus, only me and Putri actually coz they had already watched it hehe. After watching movie he told me that he wanted to meet his bro/sis' gf or boyfie so we seperated after watching.
I was really happy at that time. Hope there will be another watch movie together hehehe


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