So I haven't told you yet about my sweet 17th birthday party. Actually it's not really "party", it was just my close friends.

I chose disney for the dress code and all blue for the decoration #yeaayy.... My friends came with cutey outfit, jasmine, belle, snow white, aurora, cinderella, merida, etc. Oh ya, for boys, cause I really confused what they had to wear, so I told them just to wear while-long-shirt hahaha because that night I became Queen Elsa so they were my olafs hahahah #meangirl

You guys are sooo sweet. #terharu

THEY GAVE ME PANDA. #iatetheirheadsafterthispict

And the best part of that night is .......

#blurrymoment #failed 

Alhamdulillah we have the perfect picture finally hahahaha. AND FINALLY HE LITTLE BIT SMILEEEEEE......  cant you see my big smile? I was so happyyyy. #hewassmilinginside #sobigsmile #trytobecool 

And big thankyou for those people who pretend don't know anything

Another blurry moment pft.

I just wanna say thankyou so much for everything guys. You guys are love 

           Fariz gave me burger and there was a seventeen on it #solawak but thankyou <3

Most of the picts are blur pfft. So sad.

I Love You Guys! Best Night Ever!!


  1. Seronoknya tengok a happening birthday party!
    Happy belated birthday dear :D


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